Technology Development Projects

Brain Microchip That Records History

This invention concept pertains to a microchip that could be implanted in a brain to take recordings of all the activities of the person that it is used by. It could be downloaded to other computer systems, such as at the end of the day or week, depending upon how much memory it has in it. The invention could be used by law enforcement, or military intelligence, for missions that require no physical evidence of recording technology, such as penetrating criminal or terrorist organizations, or accessing foreign military intelligence facilities.

History Recording Toothbrush

This invention pertains to a toothbrush that has a mini computer inside that records all the past activities of the toothbrush, such as when it has been used, how it has been used, and also who it has been used by. It can have a fingerprint sensor that detects who picks it up, and also changing brush heads for different people.

Facial Recognition Through Buildings

This technology pertains to the use of radio frequency mesh, such as microwaves, to scan and verify the identity of subjects inside a building using facial recognition. The system works by comparing the peaks and valleys as identified by the response to the radio frequency mesh. The system analyzes the responses from the radio frequency transmissions on objects through buildings using a feedback sensor system.

Enhanced Kevlar Clothing with Graphical Integrated Circuitry

This invention pertains to bullet proof clothing that has graphical user interface circuitry in it, that allows it to control other systems, such as the Retina Heads Up Display System, the Artificial Telepathy System, nearby weapon systems, vehicle navigation, aircraft navigation, and other similar military and law enforcement systems. The technology would work by using a display system that is seen through the fabric from the inside, however there would be an additional layer of protection in-between the circuitry and the body.

Retina Heads Up Display System

A system that interfaces with all other law enforcement and military intelligence systems, including the neural network of Artificial Telepathy systems, that allow a visual imprint on the retina of the eye to see an image that overlays the active view by supplementing additional information about the surroundings, moving objects, stationary objects, and persons, including the use of logo recognition, character recognition, object recognition, and facial recognition systems, for the purpose of directly informing law enforcement and military forces of their surroundings to avoid dangers and identify suspects, enemy forces, weapons systems, bystanders, victims, and other persons and objects for processing.

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