Technology Development Projects

Wireless Interactive Top Face Display System of Table

This invention pertains to a top face of a table that is outfitted with wireless interactivity through its display of content that can be accessed from other devices, or from its onboard computer. It can connect to smart phones that are placed on top of the table’s display face, and allow the user to interact with the mobile device on the display’s surface through a touch screen. It can also display content from the Internet, such as a web browser window, or control applications that are loaded on its computer. It also has the capability to recognize other types of objects, such as business cards that have wireless encoded microchips in them, that can allow the face of the display to act as a telephone or e-mail application to contact whomever the business card describes, without having to input the information into the system. The face of the display can also be programmed to interact with other objects, such as toys, that display holograms above the surface of the table, such as kids’ toys that can navigate around terrain such as airplanes, or toy cars, and the surface can make noises that the toys should make, and allow them to be programmed regarding how they act on the façade. The surface can also recognize who’s drink is on the surface, by identifying each drink, and placing a different colored halo around the drink on the surface – so you never have to drink out of someone else’s drink again.

Artificial Intelligence Imprinting

This technology pertains to imprinting a brain image into a digital file that can then be used to overwrite a human’s directives using Artificial Intelligence Overwrite technology. The system works by reading all of the memory of the human host, and removing all of the personal information, and then packaging the information into memory forms that link up with the way that the destination’s mind is structured.

Another form of this technology uses brainwave mapping while the training for a specified occupation is being experienced by the host, and the image is then built off of the brainwaves that interact with the activities that are occurring through the training.

Artificial Intelligence Overwrite – Special Agent

This overwrite pertains to the full training of a special agent with an artificial intelligence overwrite system, which would teach them how to fight crime, defuse bombs, protect civilians, ballistics, and all other forms of training required to be a special agent. The overwrite would allow the human user to become the special agent immediately, without going through the linear training usually required to become one. It’s like a futuristic training module.

Artificial Intelligence Overwrite – Increase Worker Productivity

This overwrite system pertains to increasing worker productivity. It can be used to control workers in a factory, or in an office, for maximizing productivity for the company. The overwrite would have all of the intelligence and command functions for the specified job, and the human would be as productive as possible for the company they are working for, without having to learn training through linear processes such as watching videos or reading articles. They would be ready to work directly following the overwrite.

Organized Crime and Gang Organizational Studies System for Law Enforcement

This system would be able to study all the gangs and organized crime members, and link them together by monitoring their social media usage and their other forms of communication such as tapping into their smart phones. It could even search for communications that are encrypted. The system would be able to create organizational charts, and organize police responses to deal with the organized crime and gang activity, by predicting how many members will be involved at various locations, by using CCTV interfaces and tracking their smart phones and other connections to the Internet.

This system could be used in conjunction with the Automated RICO case building system, to lessen the work load that officers have to perform to organize a joint task force to fight crime.

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