Technology Development Projects

Nanotechnology that Renders Explosives Useless

This technology pertains to nanotechnology robotics that can be exposed to explosives to render them useless. The Nano-bots break down the compounds that make the explosives dangerous, through processes that destroy the molecular bonds in-between the elements. It would take some time for the nanoparticles to spread, and eat the explosives, and the amount of the nanoparticles needed would be based on the number of explosives. The technology would also be able to destroy other compounds and elements as well, however specific nanotechnology would be created per-explosive type.

System to Render Layers and Dimensions of 2D Images into a 3D Immersive Environment

This technology pertains to a system that can render layers and multiple dimensions of two-dimensional images, that are taken by a 3d microscope, into a 3D immersive environment that can be navigated using Virtual Reality (VR) display with controls. This would essentially allow the images to be viewed, as if the user was flying through the space of the materials that have been scanned by the 3d microscope, and the user has the capability to switch to multiple dimension types, such as a different light wavelength, a different timeframe, or a different set of controls.

This system is capable of taking layers of images and rendering them into a 3d environment, by using a gradient filler in-between the layers to fill in the gaps of where materials were not scanned, for an instance in the case that the 3d microscope scanned at an inconsistent level of layers.

Natural Animal Instincts and Fighting Behavior Studies

These studies pertain to the natural instincts and fighting behaviors of animals, for the purpose of developing strategies to apply in business and in the development of technologies and other business sectors. Knowing how animals respond to specific conditions that they are placed in will help developers to think up new technologies, in addition to new ways to design technologies. An example would be to implement the personalities and behaviors of certain animals into Artificial Intelligence. This could have benefits, for an example, if the AI personality is that of an Eagle that hunts and finds food in a specific way. It is not susceptible to a lot of predators, so it becomes a high-flying success – and this is exactly the type of success that a business needs in the world. Additionally, applying the personality of a prey animal to the business of a candy bar or something else may make it more interesting to certain target markets – so this is an example of how Marketing can be driven by animal behaviors. The development of technologies and strategies could be specific to the way a specific animal acts, or it could be something more general in nature.

OneDrive Should Synchronize Settings in Internet Browsers and Other Programs

There should be a way that OneDrive could synchronize settings in Internet Browsers, so that when a customer buys a new computer, all of their settings, and history, and bookmarks, are automatically imported to the new computer. The functionality would also be useful for people that use multiple computers for different purposes, but want to synchronize their Internet histories and settings in-between the multiple computers and backup the settings and history online through OneDrive. It would work in a way that the history, such as from Internet Explorer, would synchronize in-between multiple computers, as the files that pertain to the history would merge into a common shared folder that each computer uses. The settings would be a more complicated endeavor, which would require more work from Microsoft to implement a solution that allows multiple computers to share settings for different programs, such as Internet Explorer and Edge website browsers. The solution would basically make a folder for settings, that applications would begin to use, and it would be in the Users directory under the user profile that uses those settings. The settings would be synchronized by OneDrive, or by Windows, so that when using the same program on another computer that uses the same OneDrive or Windows (Microsoft) Account, the settings would be synchronized in-between the multiple computers.


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Prevent Misuse through AI Simulations

This module of AT Systems pertains to preventing it from being used as a way to make someone or a group of people think that you are someone else, by using visual overlay to supplement their visual cortex to superimpose the image of someone else over yourself in their field of view. Other abuses of this type would be audible overlay, sensory overlay, VR overlay, immersive environment overlay, and all other types of overlay.



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