Technology Development Projects

Paper-Thin Computers, Tablets, and Phones

This technology pertains to the development of both circuitry with integrated circuits, and display technologies, that are paper thin, such as layers of materials that include the circuitry, battery, and display for a tablet, phone, or computer. The purpose would be that you could store more of them in a limited amount of space, or you could have the ability to bend them a limited amount. The display would can display just as bright and sensitive as today’s screens on phones, tablets, and computers – they would just be thinner. It is likely that this technology will be developed in around 2030 or later, based on the size of computing devices becoming smaller, faster, and cheaper over certain periods of time based on Moore’s Law. Limited capabilities of systems now exist with this technology, already.

Sunscreen Technology

This technology would pertain to new types of sunscreens for humans, such as sunscreen pills, or longer acting sunscreens, or permanent sunscreens. Sunscreen pills would pertain to a chemical compound that can be taken before you go to the beach, or wherever it is sunny, that would apply compounds that protect your entire body from the sun for a specific period. When the protection begins to wear off, you could simply take another sunscreen pill. Another form of sunscreen, which could also be a pill, would be longer-acting or permanent sunscreens. These would act on the body for more than four hours, or quite possibly permanently, to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Automatic Underwater Breathing Apparatus

This invention pertains to a contained system that filters air, or oxygen, from the water in the ocean, using a system that compresses the water to extract the air from it. It would lower the pressure of the water in an airtight chamber, and remove the oxygen using a type of vacuum filtration system. It would require a lot of water to be filtered through the system, to get enough oxygen for someone to breath on, however the system could be combined with an oxygen storage system, to gather a large amount of oxygen for underwater research facilities and underwater vessels, or it could be used with oxygen tanks, to provide about 50% of the oxygen needed from the water, and the other 50% from the oxygen tanks. This would be necessary because of the amount of oxygen needed by the diver. It would basically act as a set of digital gills, or artificial gills, that would be like what fish have, that allows them to breath underwater without going up to the surface for air.

Tooth Regeneration Laser Treatment

This technology pertains to a laser technology that allows teeth that have decay or cavities to regenerate themselves, based on the application of light that rapidly accelerates the growth of new tooth material where the light is applied. The operation would start by first removing a small amount of the tooth from the outside of the cavity, to ensure that no caries exists within the regenerated tooth material, and then the laser would be applied that would regenerate the tooth material. After it is regenerated, the new tooth material can be coated with an enamel that would protect it from decay in the future, and if it’s too large for the cavity area, it can be reshaped using lasers to remove excess materials from the area.

Automated Agricultural Robotics Technologies

These technologies pertain to the automation of farm labor, such as land preparation, weeding, planting, watering, trimming, harvesting and picking, and plant removal / plowing. The technologies, originally envisioned by MCE123 in 2010, would be able to perform over 90% of the labor required to farm land. It would use precise sensor networks, such as GPS navigation, depth sensors, humidity sensors, computer vision, and other types of sensors to determine the most productive ways to farm land – which could be determined with Artificial Intelligence that drives the robotics systems specific to the requirements of specific sets of land. The systems would be able to queue up operations, such as picking or harvesting, and automatically move vehicles into position to receive the harvest, and the vehicles would be able to automatically drive themselves to the drop off location(s). The systems would be able to determine which product should be picked and/or harvested to get the best possible product at the perfect timing. The systems would be able to spray pesticides automatically, with sensor systems that detect the presence of humans or other obstructions to know when to not spray. The systems would be able to prepare land for growing crops, and keep the land in good shape in-between harvests by keeping weeds and other non-needed plants under control.

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