Technology Development Projects

Medications and Vaccines That Automatically Adapt Based on New Strains of Diseases

This technology pertains to bioengineered medications and vaccines that automatically adapt to new strains of diseases, so that the medications and vaccines can treat and prevent infection from new, altered strains of the diseases in the future, based on using nanotechnology that can adapt the medications to the shapes of the proteins and receptor sites that are affected. This would have the capability of providing super immunization shots, and super medications, that aren’t just powerful in potency – they actually change their molecular structures based on the diseases that are inside the human body and fight those diseases at the time that they enter the human body.

Nanotechnology That Activates Based on Chemical Responses of the Human Body

This technology pertains to nanotechnology, or nanites, that activate based on chemical responses of the human body, such as by adrenaline, or hormones, or other types of chemicals that are specific to certain types of activities, for the purpose of performing functions, such as repairing the body, or connecting the mind to an immersive environment, or any other type of combination of paired human activities and technological inventions that pertain to human interaction.

Technology That is Cloned into Human Tissue

This technology pertains to the growing, or cloning, of technology within human tissue, in a way that the circuitry becomes part of the tissue’s nerves, so that the technology can send and receive impulses through the central nervous system through those nerves that it becomes a part of. This would be ideal for any type of bioengineered technology that is for human consumption. The installation of the technology could be at birth, or after birth, for the purpose of embedding microcontrollers into the human neurological system, for the purpose of any type of technology that can utilize the neurological system.

Key Dimensions Immersive Environment System

This invention concept pertains to an immersive environment system which can be based on the real world, or based on an artificial world, which can show not only a complete 3D model of the entire landscape called “Key-World” or “Key-View”, but also can be controlled in a fourth dimension of time, called “Key-Time”, and also has a fifth dimension of intelligence, a private layer of intelligence known as a “Key-Note” system. Key-World can be based on grids of real sensors that detect changes in the landscape, such as people walking down a path or sidewalk, or buildings being built, or anything else that pertains to the Key-View. The Key-Time system allows the viewer to look back in history at any location, to see how it was built, or to look forward in the future, accessing building permits and engineering diagrams to see how the Key-View will look later. The Key-Note system is an intelligence system that allows multiple layers of private intelligence, such as VR interactivity for businesses, or even love letters from a secret admirer left at key locations that only you would know they were there – and the Key-Note system can be setup to send the private intelligence at different times, such as in the future, which optionally cannot be overridden by the Key-Time system.

The Key-Time system can also simulate time travel, in the sense that it can isolate different iterations of time travel, based on Key-Frames of intelligence, such as a waypoint, or a destination, or a timeline, which can all be modified based on coding algorithms to better understand time travel.

The entire set of systems runs on Artificial Intelligence. At a future date and time, all of the necessary systems for such an invention will be explained.

Nuclear Fusion Reactor

This technology pertains to a form of nuclear power that is quite different than the fission process that is used in most nuclear power plants, today. Nuclear fusion is the process in which nuclear weapons work, and the process in which the sun burns. If it can be controlled, it offers potentially unlimited amounts of electrical power. This technology is currently being researched at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). It is the second-largest cooperative scientific research project in the entire world, the first being the International Space Station (ISS). There is also research into cold fusion at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California, just outside Silicon Valley. ITER uses a donut-shaped reactor that uses powerful electromagnetism to control the reaction, while LLNL uses a set of over 100 high-powered lasers to start a chain reaction from a small amount of nuclear material as it collapses in on its self. Essentially, it’s like trying to make a mini black hole. The research has also led to knowledge being discovered in the realms of the existence of dark matter and anti-matter.

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