Technology Development Projects

Improvement to Tableau Desktop

This invention concept pertains to computer software code that would improve data analytics programs such as Tableau Desktop, for the purpose of being able to run a Tableau or similar data set from a CD or DVD disc or USB drive, that would automatically load when the disc or drive is inserted into a customer’s computer, and it would be able to check on a server online if there is updated data that could then be downloaded automatically by the Tableau standalone instance. This is useful for sets of data that may no longer be accurate because of passed time, while it allows the Tableau or similar program to adapt to changes over time while keeping the same template and view active.

Cloud Storage Intellectual Property Licensing System

This invention concept pertains to a requirement that would be imposed on cloud storage providers to require them to verify ownership of intellectual property that is contained on their storage systems for ensuring that there is no IP theft occurring, such as people sharing music and movies via OneDrive or Google Drive. The system would require that you provide a license for all media that you have on the cloud storage system, and the artists and owners of that media would then be able to verify that you own that intellectual property usage right – or otherwise the artist or owner of the IP could levy fines or have the content automatically deleted from the cloud storage system. There would be a need for a centralized system that would verify the ownership of IP rights, and people who have purchased Music CDs, or Movies, or software, or other types of IP could register for their right to keep such IP on their cloud storage, however the storage media would also limit how that content can be shared throughout the system. It would, for an example, charge anyone that downloads IP from your cloud storage as a license is necessary to use that IP.


File History Feature – Improvements to Cloud Storage Models such as OneDrive and Google Drive

This improvement concept pertains to adding a file history feature, that would save copies of all files that have been modified, including meta data relating to what was modified in the file(s) and when. The reason why we came up with this idea, is that cloud storage is not perfectly protected from accidental file deletion, or malware / viruses that are designed to delete and/or encrypt all files, that would then be automatically uploaded to OneDrive or Google Drive if the encrypted or modified files are stored in the applications’ folders, i.e. /User/OneDrive/

This feature would also help to allow version control on backups, as such that OneDrive or Google Drive could be used for repositories that keep version data. The amount of storage that would be required for such a system would be astronomical when compared to the standard usage patterns that are now being used. It could require several more terabytes per terabyte of data stored, to store the changes and file histories.

There could be the exclude function, which would allow individual files and folders to be selectively backed up without having their versions saved, such as for saving space on the remote servers.

There could also be incorporation of virus protection with OneDrive, so that infected files are not allowed to over-write good files, and protection from operations that attempt to purge files all at once, or even sequentially over a longer period.

Virtual Walk-Through World

In a combination of the gaming environment, in which a user can alter their position through modes of transportation, and the bridging of the real world with the digital world, it is possible to have a virtual walk-through or drive-through world, in which real businesses can have virtual marketplaces that look and feel like their brick and mortar stores, and allows them to interact with different customers from around the world, as if those customers were walking into their brick and mortar store. This is ideal for specialty shops that you can’t find close to home, or if you wanted to preview a city that you have lived in previously or wish to live in, in the future. This technology allows you to go wherever you want, and see what it looks like in 3d modelling that will be built by private companies that can sell virtual real estate in the virtual platform. The most revenue will come from the digital platform host, because everyone will have to pay rent to have their virtual shop in the virtual world, that everyone will use. This could be integrated into Facebook, or Google, or other kinds of high-tech online businesses.

Artificially Intelligent Network Security System

This invention concept pertains to a use of Artificial Intelligence to test network security, including network faults, and determine how and when they happen ahead of time so they can be prevented, such as determining patterns of DDoS attacks, or other causes of network downtime – even natural causes such as human error. The system would provide status alerts that would allow human interaction with the system in a datacenter. The system would also have the capability of working in a military intelligence network, such as testing the use of headers that suggest the information is Top Secret, and determine if nodes are properly encapsulating the data, as well as other network operations dealing with network security. The AI system would be able to work like a firewall, intrusion detection system, plus a lot more.

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