Technology Development Projects

Artificially Intelligent Network Security System

This invention concept pertains to a use of Artificial Intelligence to test network security, including network faults, and determine how and when they happen ahead of time so they can be prevented, such as determining patterns of DDoS attacks, or other causes of network downtime – even natural causes such as human error. The system would provide status alerts that would allow human interaction with the system in a datacenter. The system would also have the capability of working in a military intelligence network, such as testing the use of headers that suggest the information is Top Secret, and determine if nodes are properly encapsulating the data, as well as other network operations dealing with network security. The AI system would be able to work like a firewall, intrusion detection system, plus a lot more.

Proximity Linguistics Detection System

This technology pertains to a system that correlates connections between linguistics that may pertain to streams of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) or Human Intelligence (HUMINT) in the proximity of an agent of an intelligence organization, for the purpose of determining whether the streams of intelligence can be correlated to the surroundings, or whether or not the streams of intelligence would suggest that there is a security breach of internal security, for the purpose of detecting domestic and foreign surveillance systems, and the presence of their agents and agencies in the proximity. The system may include integrations of Media Security and Surveillance Detection systems that work together with Artificial Intelligence systems to determine if the streams of intelligence correlate to a person’s surroundings, so that leaks and foreign actors can be detected in real time. This system may link together with a Heads-Up-Display unit, or similar immersive environment technologies to alert the agent or person that is using the systems.


Improvement to Google Docs and other Synchronous Document Editing Applications (Websites)

The solution to the problem of network congestion from a campus, such as a university, from Google Docs, for an example when 30+ students’ login to Google Docs and edit the same document from the same network, could be resolved by designing a micro-server that can be implemented at the Network level at each campus, for a fee. This would essentially allow documents to be edited at the Google level, on the campus, or from nodes close to the campus, all while limiting the number of write requests to the main datacenter hosting the Google Docs document. This would solve the problem of the document crashing constantly. The architecture would basically be a leader to leader writing configuration between the micro server and the datacenter, so the micro server would write directly to the leader at the datacenter – however all the incremental writes to the document would occur from the micro server, so it would add a layer of separation in-between the students and the Google datacenter. This essentially would allow the datacenter to not become as congested, like adding a step-down transformer for power before it enters a sub-division.

Electromagnetic Shield from Handheld Flashlight-sized Device

This technology pertains to an electromagnetic shield that emits a force field in front of a police officer or military officer from a flashlight-sized handheld device. It works by altering the electromagnetic field in front of the officer, so that bullets and other metallic objects bounce off it in the opposite direction. This could be made by the use of anti-matter or dark matter emissions technology, that alters the electromagnetic field emitted from the flashlight-sized device.

Weapons Systems Biometrics and Safety Controls

This technology pertains to the implementation of biometric security and safety controls on weapons, such as guns, rocket launchers, etc. where there could be a system that emits an electrical shock to anyone that tries to use the weapons system without being authorized by the biometric control systems. This would prevent a police officer’s weapon being taken by a criminal and being used against them. The same would be true on the battlefield, where weapons could be programmed to only operate for friendly forces, so there would be an authorization system that all of the weapons would use to authorize legitimate users of those weapons, and it would be capable of operating in an electronic denial area, such as where there are electronics that block the wireless signals of all electronics. The systems would also be protected from EMP damage, so that if an EMP shockwave was emitted, the weapons systems would still operate.

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