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Outdated Website Conversion Process

We offer affordable services to covert old code into newer standardized code, such as the conversion of Adobe Flash to JavaScript and HTML5 animated graphics, conversion of Flash Videos to newer formats, and other types of conversions such as HTML4 to HTML5. We can do any type of conversion that your website needs, and we can do it cost effectively.

As you may know, Adobe Flash is being phased out through the year 2020. We have been programming in Flash since 2002, and there isn't a more experienced company to address your Flash conversion process. We have tools to extract resources out of compiled Flash files, such as images, sounds, sprites, frames, videos, and other types of resources. We can export them, re-package them, and re-format your website without Flash - in virtually the same way that it looks now.

We have teams of programmers available to work on converting your website to the latest standards, including Angular, or Node.js, Mobile Apps, or any other framework that you are interested in. Please contact us today for more information!

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