Web Development Internship (Unpaid) 2018-2019

Web Development Internship (Unpaid)

The candidate has a high level of knowledge in web development through either graduate level studies or at least 4 years of professional experience working in the web development industry, even if not for a specific company. The candidate can work in an Agile development environment, knows how to use GitHub, and is knowledgeable about programming in PHP, HTML / CSS, and JavaScript at a minimum. The candidate will be challenged by at least one major project to last at a minimum of 80 hours, and will encompass using Joomla to develop a web template, with support from our web development leadership, that will serve the MCE123 website. Additional tasks other than programming may include importing content from the old site, and reformatting the content to fit with the new site layout and structure.


Instructions: E-mail your resume to patrick@mce123.com for consideration.

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