Web Development Internship (Unpaid)

The candidate(s) have a high level of knowledge in web development through either graduate level studies or at least 4 years of professional experience working in the web development industry, even if not for a specific company. The candidate(s) know the principles of Big Data engineering, can work in an Agile development environment, and are knowledgeable about programming in Python, HTML / CSS, and some JavaScript at a minimum. The candidate(s) will be challenged by at least one major project to last at a minimum of 80 hours, and will encompass using Django to develop a web application, with support from our web development leadership, that will serve an application that allows users to create Marketing Plans, with full user registration capabilities, so that individual users can create their own Marketing Plans for their own companies and not be required to share their work with the outside world. The application will have at a minimum, a login page, a page to use forms to collect information from the user that is then inputted into a database, and pages that correspond to looking at previous and current Marketing Plans that the user has created. Other features will be added if time allowed.


Instructions: E-mail your resume to for consideration.

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