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Marketing and IT Services

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MCE123 Marketing Document Templates

Download our marketing document templates, including a comprehensive marketing plan template, marketing plan outline template, SEO keywords & conversion table template, Press Release template, and SWOT Analysis template. (User Registration Required)


We believe that our leadership in a variety of industries is evident by the creativity of our works, which are a testament to the innate qualities of our staff, and how often original concepts we have invented are developed by our stakeholders. All people are beneficiaries of this company – where ideas come to life. We have contributed countless hours promoting successful projects that achieve the mission of our clients, while also adding value to the information society through visions that inspire. Trust our history of commitment to the success of our customers, and our unquestionable ability to create solutions that are outside the box, never having been imagined before. We teach our passion to others, through our diligence to the culture of improvement, with ingenious and unique perspectives, where intelligence is experienced, and knowledge is accomplished. We have a genuine authority to promote organizational progress, through perfected campaigns compiled with cutting edge technologies. These developments are credible examples of the worth of our firm’s offerings. Our accomplishments are ingrained in the sophisticated services that are presented throughout this website. We welcome your scrutiny as you consider whether to invest in our company. Our consumers are meticulous about Marketing and Information Technology, and we are dedicated to advancing the discussion of scientific know-how through the astute presentation of our abilities.

American Marketing Association Member

MCE123 joined the American Marketing Association (AMA) in July 2017 for the purpose of advancing our firm’s knowledge and reputation in marketing using new technologies through our Marketing and Information Technology services that we have offered to businesses in the United States since 1999.

The AMA has helped us to achieve our goals, to improve the value of our products and services, to better serve our customers, and to share information about our success among the network of over 1.2 million marketing professionals. Some of our top Marketing services are featured below:

Marketing Case Studies

Development, Websites

We developed this Social Media Web Services Platform using Amazon AWS for MeAndYou at the University of New Hampshire, in Manchester, NH!

Development, Websites

We developed this Responsive Website using Joomla CMS for!

TNT Productions, Inc.
Websites, Graphics
TNT Productions, Inc.

We created this interactive website for TNT Productions, Inc. in Modesto, CA!

Woodman Museum Website
Graphics, Websites
Woodman Museum Website

We created this 3D animated website for the Woodman Museum in Dover, NH!


Would you like an analysis report for your site?

When you open a new account with MCE123, we want to show you our value immediately. That’s why we offer free website analyses. These reports highlight your strengths and weaknesses and give us information about growth opportunities. Our expert can help create a marketing strategy tailor-made to fit your needs.

We Develop Valuable Brands

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unique products and services in our fields of expertise through cross-marketing research and development.

Vision Statement

We see our company evolving through unique Intellectual Property, used to develop specialized products and services that are consistent with what our customers and stakeholders demand.

Marketing Fundamentals

We study the market for strategic opportunities, to create products and services that help our clients accomplish their goals. We ultimately define, on a very granular level, everything having to do with our market presence. We have complete control over the outcome of our unique works.

Customer Testimonials

Our customers most often tell us that they're impressed with what we do, and we try to provide the best possible service level that fits within the budget of each specific customer. Our clients will also tell us that we work very fast, and that we really know their business when we develop a website or create marketing materials for them. Ultimately, we have to live with the decisions we make in our work that we do as part of our portfolio, and we like to develop the best possible examples, so that future prospects also want to do business with us.

Just listen to what some of our valued customers are saying about us!

Elaine Howard

I have contracted with MCE123 multiple times over the last two years for various printing and graphic design work for my home based business Essential Oils for the Everyday Family, LLC. The work has always been done to my specifications (sometimes even with me making several changes in the middle of a project), always way ahead of any deadline I have provided, and at prices that can’t be beat. Highly recommend especially if you are clueless like me about what it takes to design any type of marketing materials.

Elaine Howard

Essential Oils for the Everyday Family, LLC

Robert Pacheco

I’ve been doing business with MCE123 since 1999 with my well known disc jockey company, TNT Productions, Inc. in Modesto, California. Patrick has created many different websites for my business over the past several decades, in addition to producing and printing all my company’s marketing materials. He’s helped me by providing IT services, and at times I’ve said, “If Patrick doesn’t fix it, I’m going to throw it out the window and hit it with a baseball bat.” I’ve never had to do that – Patrick has always fixed the computers. He’s saved a lot of headaches from occurring in my business, and the advertising that he has done for us has resulted in my business growing to employ over fifty different people. You should definitely give Patrick all of your business – he’s the smartest person I know!

Robert Pacheco

TNT Productions, Inc.

There are lots of Marketing and IT Firms.
Why you should choose us?

We are leading the industry with expertise for the services that we offer, and we are constantly growing and evolving into a much better choice for your marketing and IT dollars! Our company founder has degrees in both marketing and information technology, up to the Master's level, and is currently working on his PhD degree. You don't get up into the top 1% of the talent pool by twiddling your thumbs! Remember - Rome wasn't built in a day...

Our Company Founder, like many of the people who work with our company, is certified in numerous industries including for Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and CompTIA. We have the expertise to handle a project of any scale... doesn't that just make you want to create something huge and see if we're able to handle it? Sky's the limit!

We provide businesses of all sizes with affordable marketing and information technology services, because we love working for our clients! We work fast, because we know what we're doing. You can save thousands, and take a vacation, while we take care of business! Our dream is making our clients lots of money... and they usually come true!

Beware of pricing differences - we are competitively priced in the industry. If the competitor's price is too low, you're not getting the same quality of services. If the price is too high, you'd be paying a lot of unnecessary overhead. Protection Status Site Protected by SiteLock