Welcome to MCE123, an Information Technology Marketing Firm, operating in New Hampshire's Seacoast near Barrington.

Civilian Markets:

Information Technology

We provide contract Information Technology services, including computer network installation and services, computer repair, custom software development, on-site technical services, server administration, server management, website development, and website hosting.


We design and produce brochures, business cards, coupons, CPU badges, embroidered shirts, flyers, invoices, letterhead, logos, newsletters, newspaper advertisements, order forms, postcards, posters, price tags, presentation booklets, product labels, recipe books, research surveys, retail supplies, restaurant menus, screen printing, signs, and websites.


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We accept Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal, Money Orders, and Check.


Defense Sector:

Technology Development

We have an internal Research & Development firm, MCE123 Technology Development, that focuses mostly on inventing technologies for security purposes, including for the domestic military and law enforcement communities. The current phase of the department’s work is developing concepts, and developing engineering documentation based on those concepts. Eventually, we will seek private and public funds to obtain patents for the technologies, and mass produce and/or sell the rights to the Intellectual Property on a per license basis.

Please note that we also offer services to develop custom invention concepts for private firms, government agencies, and other organizations on an as-needed basis.

Most of our work is Classified, however some of our non-Classified public works are available as examples on this website.


About Our Company

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unique products and services in our fields of expertise, including cross-marketing, including in the intellectual defense of the United States of America.

Vision Statement

We see our company evolving through our development of unique Intellectual Property, into products and services that are known by everyone, on Earth and beyond, for a period of no less than 500 years.

Company Culture

Our work goes anywhere there is someone in distress, someone in need of help, or something to challenge intellectually, as a function of improving the Quality of Life of our stakeholders, and accomplishing specific goals as far as recognition for our works, most of which are not public.

We create specific Intellectual Property, from processes that are not made public, such as creating virtual hostile environments – not to torment or plot against others – but to open our imagination to solving problems that have not been fully realized, through processes of securitization and simulation.

Marketing Fundamentals

We study the market for weaknesses, and take advantage by creating products and services that help others accomplish their goals. We have a prolonged period of metaphors and metaphysics relating to our works, so that when they do become public, they are fully realized – rather than breaking news. We take advantage of our reputation with the Media, in every way we wish – as we design the image of the company and its stakeholders, as information transcends from extended periods of non-verification and unknown attributes, for discovering what others think and feel about our intelligence.

We ultimately define, on a very granular level, everything having to do with our market, for having complete control over the circumstances of our works.

We do believe, that as time goes on, our image will change from being granularly defined, to becoming interdependent upon stakeholders, and that the actual release of our products and services will become more than we can fully realize.

Key Concepts of Technology Development

Our company is in charge of a ‘virtual battlefield’ of Research & Development, that consists of multiple dimensions of theory, through the development of specific inventions, including unique products and services that aide in the understanding of how to control assets in the field, how to more accurately gather intelligence about emerging and major conflict zones, and how to challenge existing leadership structures and personnel with intensely debated intelligence, that ultimately leads to our success in furthering our understanding of what we have created, and how it can be used for peaceful purposes.

We follow this process through fabrication of intelligence that is counter to reality, but not counter to logic or discovery of new inventions. We protect this information from the public, while monitoring how leaks occur when they do, and we manipulate how the information is disseminated, by creating specific intelligence that mitigates the circumstances, while helping others to achieve their goals – which ultimately helps us with our Research & Development.

Our Record

Our average customer retention period is over 15 years - selecting the finest clients needing sustained marketing services available now. Our goal is to increase customer sales by 30-50% by penetrating new markets while profiling existing core customers to seek answers of how to expand more efficiently. Nobody matches our breadth of focus on your organization's success for the long term. Our history has been written by the growth of new and existing businesses by outperforming their respective competition.

History of the Company

MCE123 was originally founded under the "MCE" brand in 1999, which corresponded to the last three letters of the paternal biological family name that was given to the Company Founder on or around October 18th, 1983. At the time of the company's inception, Patrick Russell McElhiney (PRM) was attending high school in Turlock, California. His first client was T.N.T. Productions Disc Jockey Service, owned and operated by Robert Pacheco, from Modesto, California - later reorganized into TNT Productions, Inc. registered under the State of California only.

"MCE" was later known as "MCE Webdesign", which was later renamed to "MCE123" when mce123.com was originally purchased in 2002.


Patrick R. McElhiney graduated from Turlock High School, and then attended Merced Community College between 2002 and 2004 to study under the Computer Science Associate's degree program, including major studies with the Cisco Systems Regional Network Academy, where he received training in both the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) programs, including classes in Merced, Atwater, Los Banos, and Fresno, CA. At the time, wireless internet was only starting to become available.


In 2004, Patrick McElhiney changed his major to Business Administration, and began studying at Modesto Junior College. He was elected the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a classroom-born marketing organization, in which he managed the operations of several different departments that put on "Party in the Park: A Spring Extravaganza" - put on to advertise for a local car dealership, American Chevrolet, at the college grounds.


In 2005, Patrick McElhiney designed a major website for Turlock City News, which featured a fully editable newspaper format, including business listings, banner advertisements, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and a classified advertisement section.


In 2006, PRM's parents divorced, and he moved with his mother to 12 Renaud Ave, Dover, NH, where his maternal grandmother had lived. He attended college again at McIntosh College in Dover between 2007 and 2008, receiving the Faculty Award and high honors with an Associate's Degree in Business Management.


In 2007, PRM moved the company to his mother's new home, located at 84 Nuthatch Loop, Barrington, NH, where he branched out - attending Daniel Webster College for a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management, obtained in 2010. He then attended Franklin Pierce Law Center, where he studied Intellectual Property law, which he used to formulate over 1,000 technological invention concepts based on his backgrounds in Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Computer Science, Business Administration & Management, and Marketing Management. Topics of inventions included telepathy, software design, computer design including quantum computing / optical computing, and satellite design.


Patrick Russell McElhiney worked extensively on developing his company between 2011 and 2015, in which he produced over 20,000 pages of documentation, explaining business processes, invention concepts, and computer software designs - including running the processes of 13 different departments within his Sole Proprietorship, which he was preparing to incorporate and take on investors.


In 2016, Patrick R. McElhiney began attending a Master's Degree program in Information Technology at the University of New Hampshire, Manchester - where he is concentrating in Project Management and further developing his over 1,000 new invention concepts. As of April 2017, Patrick McElhiney has produced over 30 terabytes of data through his business activities, most of which have been Classified under military intelligence laws, due to the complexity of the inventions, and the forethought of the concepts, most of which are at least 15 years until being able to be prototyped - with some being unavailable to Patent for over 30 years in the future.


Most of all, Patrick Russell McElhiney is an expert in the area of telepathy technology, including its security and privacy impacts, the need for quantum computing including for an optical computing system that uses entanglement to compute results, and military surveillance, as well as military counter-intelligence development within contested environments. He has turned down a lucrative career with the Defense Intelligence Agency to focus on his company's works, which specifically help the U.S. Intelligence Community, while he has also taken on less intelligence critical positions, such as with Staples, Inc. between 2015 and 2017, in which he developed a 40+ page document that detailed thousands of problems with the organization's business processes.


Patrick R. McElhiney is currently the Communications Director in his Object-Oriented Software Engineering class, in which he has written code almost entirely for an entire social media website that was specified by his Faculty Advisor, Dr. Michael Jonas, with the help and support of over 20 programmers, working in an AGILE-inspired environment. He will be attending full-time in the Summer session of 2017, including an independent study class by Dr. Jonas to prepare the MeAndYou Social Media website for its launch within the UNH Intranet, including to the Manchester and Durham campuses. Specifically, his major contributions have been to the Database and Front-End teams, which integrated their sub-systems using a custom XAMPP environment on a Windows Server - something that McElhiney hasn't done before, as he's most fluent with LAMP environments.


MCE123 isn't just about Patrick McElhiney. It's also about his contributions to society, which is what makes it a pseudo-Corporation at the ready, while still offering regular Marketing and Information Technology services, as it always has since 1999. They say that an organization is only as good as its leadership, and that is what Patrick McElhiney has been working on developing since 1999. He truly seeks to inspire others to develop their own companies, and do business - hopefully with MCE123 and its vast multitude of prospective clients, clients, and vendors in the multitude of industries in which MCE123 operates in.